About Us

Tridentata Arts customizes your project to fit the needs of your community.
This can be a classroom, community center, homeschool or learning pod,
retirement community, corporation, or a group of friends.

Our vision

Our vision is to customize artistic, collaborative experiences with a focus on local culture.

We are passionate about creating art experiences for children of all ages in rural communities!

Our mission

Our mission is to engage with communities to help guide and create art projects of all types and sizes.

As artists, we facilitate experiences that express the local culture of your community!

Tridentata Arts is always willing to work within your range of budget and offer special rates for non-profit and educational organizations.  We can also help find grants and encourage community support to fund-raise for your project.

Meet the Team

“We believe art is essential to everyone and are excited to offer art experiences in locations that might have limited access to the visual arts.”

Molly Moore

With over 20 years of inventiveness and inspiration in the classroom, she continues to inspire school children.

Molly started off studying journalism and art, but mainly art.  Her art led her to study Anthropology, with a focus on Archaeology, but this led her back to focusing on art again.  She began teaching art as she was studying and making it herself, so it was a natural transition to start teaching full time in the regular public school classroom in 2000.  Molly knew right away that the only subject she would ever teach would be art, there is just so much you can do with it!

Molly thinks the best part of teaching art is brainstorming; the electricity of ideas bouncing between her and the students and her colleagues.  You never know where a lesson might go, and creating art is all about the journey, but the results are usually fabulous!

“There is no denying art has power.  It is difficult to know what gives it that power.  I like to think that one plus one equals three in art whereas, in life, you just get two”. Author Unknown

Lauren Gandolfo

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy”!
– Ms. Frizzle, Magic School Bus

Lauren’s approach to art making is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY.  Show up and get your hands dirty discovering the magic of art is her mantra!   She has been known to take her students to the river, dig up clay along the banks and make pots, sculptures and coil snakes.  “Clay is the earth’s gift to artists”, she says.

Lauren loves immersing art into the environment. Going on leisurely hikes, gathering found rocks and adorning them with acrylic paint is a favorite lesson she teaches. “when the big yellow school bus would drop off my high school students for class, I would dream of someday getting on that bus with them and drive off into nature for exploration, discovery and play.  That is how all people really learn to be creative” she says.

Students ages 3 to 103 enjoy exploring all media with her. Her repertoire includes “sheep to shawl” events where a piece of clothing is made from the beginning of the process to the end.  A sheep is sheared, the wool is washed, combed and spun into yarn, then the yarn is knitted into socks!! Everyone has a blast learning how to make their own, creative clothing.

“I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years in Northern, Central and Southern Nevada. A great love and appreciation for rural communities keeps me motivated to share my passion for all things creative!”

Annie M. Clark

“Art is our first language! I fell in love with that form of expression when I was a very little girl.”

That was the beginning of her passion to help children of all ages discover their artist within. Born and raised in Michigan, Annie received her teaching degree in Art and French then headed west where she taught art for 30 years in the great state of Nevada. She has her MFA (Masters of Fine Art) and is a National Board Certified Teacher of Art. She is a forever student of life, art, science and nature. Annie’s vast experience makes her a master teacher of ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, and graphic design. Her love is to work on collaborations and has led many groups in a variety of projects including mosaic murals, installations, large ceramic and mixed-media sculptures, painted murals, and even building a building on school campus. Recently, Annie’s interest in enriching children’s lives with art brought her to Haiti twice. The first time her group helped build a school. The second time she went to teach art, practice art therapy, and organize a group mural project.

“I’m very excited to work with children individually and on group projects, especially where they have limited exposure to the fun of making art!”

Our Approach

We love engaging with communities to help guide and create projects of all types and sizes.

Together we will create a unique collaborative artwork/installation as a legacy to your “community”.

As consultants, we facilitate a contextual experience that expresses the local culture of your town!

  • Step 1

    We brainstorm with your community to create an art project.

  • Step 2

    Together, we create a plan for this project.

  • Step 3

    We facilitate the art collaboration based on this plan.

For more information on how to get started click here.

Want to see what we’ve done so far? Follow our Stories!




First, get your friends to wrap your feet with fleece (1 at a time). Next put on a knee-high stocking and submerge foot in warm soapy water. 
Columbian Mammoth bone dig with Molly Moore

Bones and Tumbleweed

Tridentata Arts is busy researching for an upcoming grant and look what we found on the Pyramid Highway! How appropriate that we titled the project "Bones and Tumbleweed"

Tridentata Arts Does Bob Ross Style Painting Tutorial

Check out our videos and follow along!

Handmade Blankets for Children in Need

Teenagers practice their newly acquired crochet skills by making granny squares.

Sculpture Garden at Gerlach School

We began brainstorming a project in the spring of 2018 with Stacey Black of Gerlach School. She LOVED the idea of bringing art experiences to her students in this small, rural school.

Columbian Mammoth Bone Bench at Gerlach School

Since our Gerlach install we’ve been enjoying the beautiful long star filled summer days and nights – and reflecting. Where will Artemisia Tridentata go next?

Bird Installation

We wanted to do a piece that addressed the impact of plastic on our planet and the albatross became our icon!

Mural in Austin, NV

From This Valley...They Say We Are From

Mosaic Mania

A collaboration between a local business and a high school can generate great things. Students were asked to design a logo for a candy company and then fill it in with their candy.

The Plastic Footprint Project

The Plastic Footprint Project Raising awareness through collaborative art projects Check out this amazing community art project! A group of teenagers wanted to raise awareness about the problems with single-use plastics in our environment by creating a sculpture. We decided on a giant foot of plastic water bottles stepping on the Earth, leaving a huge footprint. At the local Farmer’s Market we invited other community members to join us.

Summer of Sustainability, University of Nevada, Reno 2014

Reno High School students collected plastic bottles from campus, cut them up and strung them like garland to create a massive curtain!

What do Children and Monkey’s Have in Common?

Sock Monkeys and residents of The Children’s Hospital go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Empty Bowls Project

Artists often help change and give back to their communities. We have enjoyed instigating this power of giving back with many of students by collaborating with them to build “Empty Bowls Projects Events”.

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