Tridentata Arts worked with Arts for All in Reno Nevada to facilitate a mural designed and painted by local students. High schoolers gathered to share ideas and draw designs for the 60 ft wall prior to the event at the Lake Mansion property. The mural would be painted by local children of all ages in 1 DAY at an open house event in March 2022.

Our teen leaders took their designs to the wall. They transferred their small-scale plans to the very large wall.

Next, they painted their sizable sections of background colors. These teen leaders had limited time to prepare the wall for the younger artists to arrive.

Soon, the young artists joined to add their creative additions. Our high school artists were amazing leaders and role models for the children.

We had a lot to accomplish in just one day but everyone worked very hard and had lots of fun together. It looks fabulous! Great job student artists!! Thank you Arts for All for hosting this mural collaboration event.


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