Here we have the community painted bas-reliefs, after the paint dried. It’s now ready to hang.

First, Meg, Molly and I tried a variety of lay-out possibilities. We decided on this composition.

Next, we attached each beautiful panel to the designated location at the front of the Schoolhouse.

Meg, Meg’s husband Erich, Diane, Molly and Annie continued, piece by piece, to install the colorful composition.

Almost done and we’re really loving how it’s looking!

We’re also loving and admiring each community member’s panel as we hang each individual piece.

Here it is! Great job Silver City! What a fabulous community collaboration! Tridentata Arts can facilitate community projects in YOUR community too!

Time to admire our work! Thank you Silver City for creating a beautiful community collaboration that truly speaks about the culture of this small but colorful town! Thanks to Meg, Erich, and Diane for helping make this installation happen!

The Silver City historical “Schoolhouse”, now their Community Center. Before and After.


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