Our Columbian Mammoth Bone Bench at Gerlach School

What does it take to build a Columbian Mammoth bone bench at a school? It starts with Tridentata Arts’ Molly Moore who, as an assistant archeologist, helped dig up the mammoth bones in a nearby desert. Then it takes the creative imagination and planning of Tridentata Arts. After that you must have Teddy, an accomplished and enthusiastic cement artist (www.crafTED.company). Lastly, it takes an amazing school principal like Stacey Black of Gerlach School who says “yes!” to creative and educational ideas.

Meet Ted Demolski
Teddy Demolski (www.crafTED.company) joined us on our Gerlach install and made a dream come true of casting the old molds of mammoth bones and turning them into a bench based on Tridentata Arts’ clay maquette.

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