What do Children and Monkey’s Have in Common?

“I never knew that “I never knew that sewing sock monkeys could be so important”! – Sydney, high school freshman sewing sock monkeys could be so important”! – Sydney, High School Freshman

Sock Monkeys and residents of The Children’s Hospital go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

High school students demonstrated intense concentration while learning how to sew. Most were unsure and some were skeptical that they could ever master the skill enough to make a small, playful sculpture for a child. All students were excited to play and experiment with a sewing needle!

Any skill that creates pride and a sense of accomplishment is worth learning! Sewing is not only practical for personal alterations and repairs to every day clothing, but is an exciting skill for creative expression. For almost 30 years Artemisia 3 (Tridentata) has been melding technical skills with imagination and play. Contact us for unique ways to help your group achieve this!

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