Tridentata Arts customizes your project to fit the needs of your community.
This can be a classroom, community center, homeschool or learning pod,
retirement community, corporation, or a group of friends.

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1. Community Collaborations

com·mu·ni·ty noun: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

col·lab·o·ra·tion noun: the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

You define your community- whether it’s a whole town, youth group, club, business, classroom, etc.

We provide unique collaborative opportunities to create! When working collaboratively the results are always amazing, unexpected and magical. Each group experience is different and group collaborations always enhance a feeling of community.

Tridentata Arts believes that art play should be accessible to all ages, skill levels and interests. It is our vision to help make this come true for any “community”.

Tridentata Arts works with your group to brainstorm and help spark ideas that honor your local culture. Together we explore options for your project. Each project will be site specific and varies based on the art medium, timeline, size of group, budget and ultimate goals.

Tridentata Arts facilitates, leads, guides, and/or teaches throughout the project. We help find appropriate work space if needed and work with you to create a timeline and budget.

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2. Art Retreats

Come art with us at interesting locations! Immerse your group in the local color, culture and environment!

For example, Tridentata Arts offers flexible “stay-plays” in the old west mining town of Virginia City at St. Mary’s Art Center (a restored historical hospital).  Nestled in the mountains of northern Nevada, St. Mary’s Art Center is the perfect place to unwind, unplug and discover new skills.

Leave your worries at home. Tridentata Arts will facilitate and inspire creations in the art medium(s) of your choice!

Let’s go play!

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3. Corporate Teambuilding and Givebacks

Imagine your team working together building, laughing, creating!

We offer a broad selection of art related team building activities that are hands-on collaborations.

The activities can be painting or drawing, or 3 dimensional, such as functional/sculptural projects, mosaics, installations, or give back projects.

Tridentata Arts tailors your team building experience to your needs.  This can include capturing an important business message or a hands-on, hand-crafted corporate community give-back or even a relaxing guided art project (think Paint and Sip!).

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4. Homeschool or Learning Pods

Have you set up a homeschool or learning pod?

At a loss as to how to provide stimulating art curriculum that meets the state art standards?

We are experienced art teachers and can set up safe, fun, creative art instruction that fulfills standards and can also utilize art integration to enhance retention and understanding of other subject areas.

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