Handmade Blankets for Children in Need

Teenagers practice their newly acquired crochet skills by making granny squares.

Making art for the good of humanity is one of the themes Artemisia Tridentata works with. Blankets for children is a perfect example of how we teach a skill, develop creativity and set artists free.

Proud students display their finished blanket, ready to go to a child in need at the local shelter.

Learning a new skill is always challenging. It can be made fun by making that challenge help someone in need. At the beginning of the project students were introduced to several youngsters who were homeless and had requested, not toys, but a blanket. Stories were shared about their own challenges and excitement ensued. The next step came the hard work of training their hands to wrap that yarn around a crochet hook. After many days of intense concentration, granny squares were appearing. The majority of students could not finish each square within a class period so what did they do?….they took their skein of yarn and hooks home of course!! Soon, the entire school was interested in what they were doing in the art room. Now that’s how to make connections.

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