Teens design and create a mosaic of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.
The Completed project!
A collaboration between a local business and a high school can generate great things. Students were asked to design a logo for a candy company and then fill it in with their candy. Conversations, sketches and ideas were shared and negotiated. The final product was a mosaic made from a unique material.
Students learned that art reaches beyond the personal level and the school by reaching out to the local candy shop to help them grow.




The responses from the owners made this project Da Bomb, Sierra, high school freshman. Plus, we made ourselves sick from eating so much chocolate, but it was worth it!

High school students work diligently outside the their own Arts building. With the help of Artemisia Tridentata’s 3 facilitators students designed and implemented a recycled, broken dishes mosaic.


Old dishes collected by the students were smashed and then used piece together this meaningful image of the hands holding the earth.
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