Mining kitchen drawers to craft jewels! Elevating found objects! Junk reimagined!

Facilitated by Tridentata Arts, the community of Silver City, Nevada came together to make a public work of art for their School House/Community Center.

Bones! Rusty cans and mattress springs! Bottle caps! Dinosaurs! Broken toys! And so much more!

Each individual created their own composition of chosen objects and glued them to a board.

Careful, don’t burn yourself with that glue gun!

The individual artists would then paint their chef d’oeuvre a color of their choice. All with the intention of combining it with the works of their neighbors to make one large community collaboration!

Shapes meet Colors!

“I’m dripping paint to let the color do the work.” Annabelle

“What a bitchin’ art project!” Anonymous

“I had no idea how beautiful these sculptures were going to be!” Debbie

Inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson and the art of Lauren Gandolfo’s high school art students, this event was a true success. Collaborating with friends and neighbors is always fun!

And that’s how the community of Silver City, Nevada turned their trash to treasure in a colorful assemblage!

We’ll assemble and hang their work of art and you’ll see it right here on our next blog!

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