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Bones and Tumbleweed

Tridentata Arts is busy researching for an upcoming grant and look what we found on the Pyramid Highway! How appropriate that we titled the project “Bones and Tumbleweed” Dig site of Columbian Mammoth, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Mosaic Mania

A collaboration between a local business and a high school can generate great things. Students were asked to design a logo for a candy company and then fill it in with their candy.

The Plastic Footprint Project

The Plastic Footprint Project

Raising awareness through collaborative art projects

Check out this amazing community art project! A group of teenagers wanted to raise awareness about the problems with single-use plastics in our environment by creating a sculpture. We decided on a giant foot of plastic water bottles stepping on the Earth, leaving a huge footprint. At the local Farmer’s Market we invited other community members to join us.

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