Austin, Nevada

Austin, Nevada, located near the state’s geographic center, is a small town nestled in the high slopes of the Humboldt-Toiyabe Range along historical Highway 50. With a population of a little under 200 people, Austin, like most rural Nevadan communities’ beginnings, are based in that of the silver mining boom of the 1860s. Being a hot spot of activity due to its rich deposits of silver, Austin eventually made a name for itself attracting people from all around who wanted to strike it rich. In the 1880s the Transcontinental Railroad was brought to Austin ushering in a new era of tourism for the town. Even after the silver boom of the 1800s Austin today still attracts, entertains, and amazes travelers who wish to experience a “living” ghost town in Nevada.

“Our project was truly about the kids! They had a chance to express what Austin meant to THEM!”

With such a rich history, Artemisia3 wanted to aid Austin’s local community in reflecting what the town meant to them. Our journey began…